Thank you for completing the Moranton Media Onboarding form:

We’ll get started on your website right away.

I will send you a link to a Dropbox folder soon to allow you to upload all of your images to be used on your website.

  • Before uploading prepare all images for Search Engine Optimization. File size should be under 500kb, no larger than 2000px on the long edge at 96 dpi. Add a filename to title the images that will describe the image, be short and simple. Do not use spaces or special characters other than – or _ instead of spaces in the filename. Example wrong filename: Image 1.jpg Correct filename example: blue_toyota_tacoma_rubicon_trail.jpg


    With the always-evolving online world we live in there are several laws about user data that requires disclosure. These must be listed in your Privacy Policy online to make sure you are compliant with Cookie usage, GDPR, and CCPA. Moranton Media highly suggests that you get your Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions written or reviewed by a lawyer as soon as possible. There are some free generators to help you produce this legal text but we suggest use the paid Terms Feed that you will find links to below. Then it is always a good idea to have a lawyer review for any red flags.

    TermsFeed Links
    TermsFeed Home
    Terms & Conditions Agreement
    Return & Refund Policy
    Cookies Policy
    EULA Agreement
    Privacy Policy

    Even for an informational website without users entering information, there are still some laws that require you to disclose the website’s use of website cookies. FYI all websites that use website traffic tracking use cookies.

    The Terms and Conditions on your site are important for your day to day business. These could be terms for vehicle repairs, shipping, returns policies, and more.

    Please send your Privacy Policy and your Terms and Conditions to Moranton Media when it is ready so we can get it installed on your website.

    Order and shipping processing:

    There are many different ways of processing orders and printing shipping labels. The best solution we have found with the most 3rd party integration options is ShipStation. We highly recommend it, as it will save you hours and will provide a user friendly dashboard for order processing. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

    Email Inbox options

    Option 1 my favorite) Run emails through any generic Gmail email inbox. This can be any Gmail email and does not have to be seen by customers. Emails will first go to our server then be imported to any Gmail inbox. The emails will be labeled with the account they were sent to. When replying you can choose what email you want to reply from. You can set a default email to reply from.
    Downsides: It can take up to 15 min to get an email as emails first must go to our server then be imported to the Gmail account. Only an issue when you are waiting for an email but there is a button to refresh the import. Another downside is that Gmail will always reply with the default email unless you manually choose to send from another address. However, you could make as many Gmail inboxes as you would like for free.

    Option 2) Using Microsoft Outlook online. It works much like Gmail would. 

    Option 3) Paid Google Workspace account. This is a paid email hosting server that ranges from $6-30 for each inbox. Comes with some cool features but it does accrue an additional cost.

    Option 4) There are also several other paid email servers like Google Workspace such as Proton Mail.

    Option 5) Desktop-based email systems such as Outlook or Mac Mail. These are great but the downside is when it is time to change to a new computer it can be a pain to re import the old emails in your inbox and sent box.

    Option 6) There is a free generic online email system that is offered on our server. It is basic but does get the job done and is free.

    Here is your marketing To-Do list for the best foundation to help your business grow:

    Download a PDF Version of the checklist

        1. Make a profile image for the business and use it on all profiles. A simple logo is recommended.
        2. About the Business Text. All text should include your main keywords as much as possible without listing them. You have to use them in full sentences. Instagram and Facebook. Bios can use incomplete sentences. The Instagram Bio can be changed often to include news or sales. Below is a list of the text required and the character limits. The limits do include spaces.
        • Instagram Bio – Character Limit: 150
        • Facebook Bio – Character Limit: 255
        • Facebook Products – Character Limit: 2000
        • Facebook Additional Info – Character Limit: 10,000
        • Google Post – Character Limit: 1500
        • Google My Business Description – Character Limit: 750
        • Yelp Specialties – Character Limit: 1500
        • Yelp History – Character Limit: 1000
        • Yelp Meet the Business Owner – Character Limit: 1000
        • Website Terms and Conditions – No Limits – Send to Moranton Media
        • Website Privacy Policy – No Limits – Send to Moranton Media
        • eCommerce Review Request Text – No Limits
        • eCommerce order has been shipped text – No Limits – Send to Moranton Media

    For each of the following make sure you click and review each setting and available field. Try to enter as much info as possible and link to as many accounts as possible.

        1. Make Facebook page
        2. Get an Instagram Profile and make it a business profile.
        3. Make a generic Gmail account – this will make using Google Products easier. This can be a personal Gmail as this email will not be public. It is only used to set up and link accounts.
        4. Sign up for Google My Business
        5. Sign up for Google Search Console
        6. Sign up for Google Analytics
        7. Sync Google My Business to Bing Places (
        8. Sign up for Yelp – NEVER EVER give Yelp money – as soon as you sign up they will call/email you a lot… just ignore them.
        9. Double-check that Facebook and Instagram are linked.
        10. Double-check each of the above to make sure you have read and fill out every option and setting. That is the biggest mistake people make is they don’t fill in every detail.
        11. Facebook Business ( sign up and set up as much as possible. Pixel is the most important to set up so it can be linked to the website. Let Moranton Media know when it is set up so it can be integrated into the website.
        12. Sign up for email capture and a newsletter system. Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Mail Poet, or any other. Best if it has WordPress and/or WooCommerce integration. Let Moranton Media know when it is set up so it can be integrated into the website.
        13. Sign up for Yotpo to link reviews to the website. Let Moranton Media know when it is set up so it can be integrated into the website

    Social Media Suggestions

        • Post to social media 3-5 times a week. Doesn’t matter what it is, just post something. Try to use relevant hashtags.
        • Set up Instagram Highlights.
        • Sign up for relevant forums and post about projects and products.
        • Try to react or respond to all comments made on social media.
        • Always reply to reviews.


      • Sign up for Google AdSense.
      • Sign and set up Google Merchants.
      • Edit image IPTC data and GPS locations – send updated images to Moranton Media.
      • Create an email sale campaign.
      • Write out the negative keywords for search engine ad campaigns.
      • Write informational blog/article posts for the website – send content to Moranton Media to be added to the website.
      • Run Facebook retargeting ad from Pixel Data.
      • Find Brand Ambassadors.
      • Sponsor Influencers.
      • Create valuable content that you could provide to potential customers in trade for their email.
      • Write and send Product Press Release to relevant news outlets.
      • Submit cool vehicles to magazines for highlights.