Product Photography Section 1

Joel Moranton, owner of Moranton Media, was trained by the best product photographers at the Brooks Institute of Photography. He states, “At Moranton Media, we understand lighting is more than pointing a softbox at the product on a white background. We spend time with each product to bring out the form, texture, and details of the products. We make sure we know the end use of each product, so we can photograph the details of the product that the consumer will need and want to see before purchasing.”

Section 2

The power of high-quality product photography images is often overlooked. When your products are photographed at the proper angles and are lit to highlight form and function, it can dramatically increase sales. The next time you are shopping on an e-commerce site for any type of product, take a minute to study the imagery. Does the image show the texture of the product? Does it show you how to use the product? Do you see multiple angles of the product to give you details of the quality of manufacturing? If it is a product that mounts to another surface, does it show you how it mounts to that surface? Is there a detailed image of the welds, or stitching? As a consumer, are these not important details you would like to see before purchasing that product? These are just a few of the items the team at Moranton Media thinks about as we photograph your products. We take the time to light your products so the texture, form, and quality are recognizable. We make sure to give your customers the images they need so they can make an informed decision and there is no question in their mind about purchasing.


Moranton Media has the experience and knowledge to photograph any product, from the most reflective chrome, sparkling diamonds, flowing beer, to simple product packaging, raw metal pieces, and bolts. A member of our team will first spend the time with you, and even the engineer, to understand how and why it was designed. We make sure we highlight any and all details that make your products special or unique, showing the customer every angle, detail, and feature to promote desire and entice them to make the purchase.


E-commerce and catalog photography are produced in our studio for full light control. Our prices include stripping out the background and light photoshopping to provide you with images ready to be published online or sent to the printer. Our prices vary depending on the size, weight, and finish of the product. Simple products like a shock tab can be as low as $15, large chrome bumpers can be upwards of $200. To get a free quote please call Joel Moranton at ‪(406) 298-5272‬ or email him at


If you are not physically near our studio that is ok, we are sure you have a good shipping department. Simply ship us your products with a return label and when we are done with your products we will send them back. We are also fully mobile, only requiring a 15’x15′ area inside, near power. We can bring our equipment to your location and photograph your entire warehouse. We charge 25¢ per mile to bring our mobile studio to your warehouse, from Billings, MT, or from where we are currently on location. Our staff is often spotted around North America photographing off-road events; allowing us to schedule your visit around our travels can reduce your cost.



We have found that many small businesses have already set up their own corner of the shop as a photography studio. It is a great way to save money and streamline the e-commerce flow. With that, we have found that some owners are not getting the quality that they want and would like some tips to improve on what they are doing. This is where Moranton Media consulting can help. We would be happy to come out to your shop and provide some tips to improve your quality.

Section 2

The team members of Moranton Media have trained under top product photographers and spent years perfecting skills in the studio to be able to produce high-quality images. There is a bit more to it than watching a few YouTube videos and throwing up a softbox. But, if you have chosen to set up a small product studio in your warehouse Moranton Media can improve on what you have already started, so you will now be able to produce professional images you can use to grow your business. Moranton Media will come to your location and show you how to best use the equipment you have. We will also suggest equipment which will improve your end results. Our team can show you camera settings, light photoshopping, the best way to save images for Web sites, and answer any questions you may have.

If you have not set up your studio yet, but are thinking about building one, Moranton Media can design a studio for you. We will give you a purchase list within your budget, help you set it up at your location, and show you how to best photograph your products in your new studio.

If you ever have any questions about your product studio, Moranton Media is happy to help. Just give us a call or send us an email.