With the increasing Malware dangers of the world, I would like to see who would be interested in having Sucuri Website security on all their site. A few of you are already using the basic version and for most of you, I have installed the free version. Currently the protection we have comes from SiteGround’s (hosting) servers which are very secure and the free version of Sucuri. However, these really only tell me when an attack happens and protects against brute force attacks. If you are not on my server or Siteground, we most likely have WordFence installed.

With Sucuri’s paid version we will have advanced coverage for all types of Malware. It will give us a firewall, better SSL and a CDN. Firewall to block unwanted access to website files, SSL to secure all traffic, and info entered by consumers on the site, and CDN will help speed up the website for users across the country.

Currently Sucuri costs $199 a year = $16.60 a month. If I can get 10 of my clients to who would like add Sucuri I would be able to get an agency account that would get the price down to $15 a month. As I get more clients on Sucuri the price will continues to reduce per site.

Full list of features of Sucuri:


Is it required to increase the security on our websites? No, this is optional. Like I said the combo of Siteground and Sucuri Free is very good, but if a hack happens we are currently only able to restore a backup to before the hack. Also, if that hack causes the site to be blacklisted we will be required to pay for Suruci or similar service to remove the black list. So this is more like insurance with the added benefits of SSL and CDN.

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