There are a few things we all need to be better at and that is replying to comments and messages. It is important that when a customer or potential customer attempts to engage with us online we engage with them. Now, I understand this is very difficult with so many platforms these days. Let’s talk about each platform and its importance. I rated them with 10 being the most important.

Google Reviews 10 out of 10

Asking for reviews is the most important thing you can do at the end of your customer experience. Then when you get any review on any platform a reply within 24 hours will greatly increase SEO. Even positive reviews making a personalized thank you will go a long way! This reply can be a pre-written thank you reply that you just copy and paste.

As most reviews come in I can auto-feed them to your website with Trust.Reivews. If you have not already please sign up for please do so and then send me the login information. That way I can install the auto feed of reviews to the website. See for how it works.

If I have not sent you a QR code for your review request marketing material let me know I will get you one. I can also make you a QR poster or flyer or business card to help you request reviews. Getting more and more reviews should be a high priority, how do you get more reviews? Ask for them.

Facebook and Instagram 9 out of 10

When someone has a question do your best to reply quickly. We can turn off messaging on Facebook and Instagram if you don’t want to be bothered with messaging. We can also set up an auto-reply to messages to say whatever you want. No, comments should not be turned off so it is important to monitor them. If I notice that you have not replied I will try to help.

Facebook Groups 8 out of 10

If you have time – Facebook Groups are building and killing businesses right now. I have seen negative posts spread like wildfire through Facebook Groups. So it is important that you join every group in your niche and monitor them often. If you can engage with the post in that group it with greatly help your business. I am a member of over 500 groups on Facebook and most of those are Toyota or Off-Road groups. I do my best to monitor for any mention of all of my clients and their competitors.

Email Blast 7 out of 10

While there is little back and forth with a blast, emails are very powerful. If you have not signed up for email capture software please sign up for one. Mail Poet is good for WooCommerce as it has some nice email template editors. MailChimp is also very good but Mail Poet and MailChimp can get costly as your subscriber number increases but they are a great place to start. When you get over 5,000 subscribers Constant Contact can become cost-effective. Once you have signed up for one make sure to reach out to me to install the code on your website.

Website Contact Form 6 out of 10

I test the functionality of your contact form from time to time. Make sure to let me know when you get my tests. If you want to add fields or questions to your form let me know. The leads coming from these contact forms are high valve and those should be replied to quickly.

Whatsapp 5 out of 10

This is getting more and more popular. If you have it turned on make sure you monitor and reply to it. I can also install a WhatsApp chat widget on your site if you want. You can see how it works on

Yelp 3 out of 10

I hate yelp…but if you have not already you should claim and edit your Yelp profile. Once you have your Yelp page, make sure to go into your message settings and turn off messaging.

What other channels do you use?

Make sure to monitor any platform you have open. Forums, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or local boards.

What other channels should you be on?

I do my best to monitor every platform to see where my clients should be. Right now you may have noticed TikTok is the rising star but unless you have an on-site marketing manager that is good on camera it is not possible to leverage. I have also been watching Reddit to learn how that community works.

You don’t have time for this?

Yeah, most of us don’t, social media is the most time-consuming, here today gone tomorrow content. It is very powerful when used constantly and is easily a full-time 40-hour+ job. So unless you want to hire a social media manager at $80,000+ a year what can be done? The best thing to do is focus on SEO and blog content. The second best, post as much as you can, take 30 minutes a day to take some pictures, and write a post. Third, develop an influencer program and let them produce your content.

As always I am here to help in any way I can. If you want to talk about where you should focus your time give me a call.

Our website has been updated and we are finally proud of it. Most of you have websites featured in our portfolio. We would like to have a review from each of you listed next to your website. If you could please take a moment to review Moranton Media that would be awesome. Many of the new customers who have come on board in 2022 have been referrals by our current clients. We cannot thank all of you enough for that. If you like to refer any others to Moranton Media please do so as it helps us greatly.


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