Getting started with Moranton Media

Below is a list of information you will want ready and some decisions to make:

  1. What is the correct format of your business name, address, and phone number that will be used? We want to be consistent on all platforms. Example: If you spell out the world Street or use ST it should be the same on all platforms
  2. If you have a current domain name and hosting: Find Domain Registration and Hosting log-in info.
  3. If eCommerce, a list of the brands you resell or would like to resell.
  4. Find 3 competitors’ websites that appeal to you.
  5. What are your Business Keyword(s) Phrase? These are the words that a customer is going to use to search for your business. Think, type of vehicles you work on, parts you sell, and services you provide. Put them in order of importance 5-10 keywords is a good base. These will be used in the following step.
  6. Write the business text for the website and try to use as many of the keywords as possible in this text:
Automotive Website Builder who understands the terminology and challenges of our community Moranton Media Stock Image 166

Click here to download a word doc or copy and paste text to email:

Business Name:

Owner’s Name:

Owner’s Email:

Business Email:

Other Email Address:


Business Address:

Business Hours:

Do you currently have a website:

Preferred Domain Name:

Will your website be eCommerce?:

Business / Brand Colors:

Business Facebook Page:

Business Instagram Account:

Business Twitter Account:

Active Forums and screen name:

Yelp Page:

Other Social:

Other Social:

Which Email Capture service do you use?:

What does your business specialize in?:

List 3 competitor websites that you like the styling of:

What is your Motto / Tagline / Slogan?:

Give a short description of your business:

Give a long description of your business:

List the services you offer:

If eCommerce, what would you like in the text of your order confirmation emails?:


Bonus Points to help speed up the process.

Framework Outline of the site:

Home Page
This will have all of your contact info, tagline, elevator pitch, service area, high level list of your services, and a general highlight about your company.

Services page
To start this will be a bullet list of all your services with a short paragraph about each service. As more content becomes available each one of those bullet points will become clickable and go to a long detailed description about each service you provide. On those individual pages, you can go into detail about the problems your services solve and questions you normally get about those services.

If needed
There can be “before and after” or an “our work” page where you can put images of the services that don’t fit on the services pages. Great for current projects or recent projects.

Contact and About page
Here will be all of your contact info, there will be the about your business text, if you want a bio, map, or any info about the company in general and contact info.

Other Pages
You can have an unlimited number of pages. If you want a Q&A page or feature page, or whatever, we can add it.

Maximum value in
a timely manner

Terms and Conditions – this is where you can talk about any legal or
disclaimers about your services.

Privacy policy – this is a website law required by Google to disclose that your website uses cookies and collects data about its visitors. All websites use some form of cookies and tracks users on their website.

There are two generators for this page:

If you need help or have questions about anything in these generators let me know. You can also just Google these and get generic versions but these are legal text.

Here is a link to Termsfeed home page to see other stuff they offer that might be helpful to you:

Here is some info about the other profiles that you will want to add information to, these numbers do include spaces

Instagram Bio – Character Limit: 150
Facebook Bio – Character Limit: 101
Facebook Additional Info – Character Limit: 10,000
Google Post – Character Limit: 1500
Google My Business Description – Character Limit: 750
Yelp Specialties – Character Limit: 1500
Yelp History – Character Limit: 1000
Yelp Meet the Business Owner – Character Limit: 1000
Review Request Text – No Limits

Photos you can send over by dropbox, google drive, or attached to an
email. It is helpful if you name them with the service or info about
the image.