To speed up completion of the Moranton Media Onboarding form, below is a list of information you will need and some decisions that may have to be made:

      1. What is the correct format of your business name, address, and phone number that will be used? We want to be consistent on all platforms. Example: If you spell out the world Street or use ST. 
      2. If you have a current domain name and hosting: Find Domain Registration and Hosting log-in info.
      3. If eCommerce, a list of the brands you resell or would like to resell.
      4. Find 3 competitors’ websites that appeal to you.
      5. What are your Business Keywords? These are the words that a customer is going to use to search for your business. Think, type of vehicles you work on, parts you sell, and services you provide. Put them in order of importance 5-10 keywords is a good base. These will be used in the following step.
      6. Write the business text for the website and try to use as many of the keywords as possible in this text:
      • Mission/Tagline/Slogan – 1 sentence
      • Website short description text – one short paragraph
      • Website long description text – no limits
      • Website service info – no limits
      • eCommerce response to thank customer for their order – will be used to create an email response. – no limits