I would like you to take a moment to look over your website Terms and Conditions as well as your Privacy Policy on your website. There should be links to your Term and Policy in the footer of your website. If there are no links to these in your footer then I currently do not have these for your business.

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions are very important when it comes to protecting yourself from shipping issues, damaged products, and different daily operations going south. This is where you can make sure the customer knows that when a package leaves your location it is now the shipper’s and customer’s responsibility and you are not responsible for loss. You can state what happens if a vehicle in your shop is damaged. You can talk about your return policies, core policies, cancellations, and such. Anything that the customer should know when ordering your products or using your services.

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy is a discourse that your website uses cookies, how your business uses that data, and if you sell that data. All websites use Cookies and all websites track users on their websites. We use Google services to track users when they are on the site and where they came from. Of course, we do not sell that data to any 3rd parties. Google wants to see a cookie opt-in and privacy policy page to increase search engine optimization. There should be a generic document on your site already if you have not provided one for your specific business.

There are legal documents that should be reviewed by your lawyer. I can only help suggest the info that you include in these documents.

For my own websites, I use a program called Termsfeed to help with this. It is a paid service but it is worth the price to make sure we are all covered. Here are some links to Termsfeed


Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

Terms & Conditions Agreement

Return & Refund Policy


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